A healthy family is a core value of All Nations Worship Assembly. We live this via our small group called Tribes.

Tribes is designed to connect our partners in similar stages of life and similar interests to create a space where you can belong.

Here, people from all walks of life can find family, discover purpose, and change the world.

In Tribes, we develop authentic relationships, have fun, celebrate each others victories and support each other through challenges.

We are not meant to walk out faith and purpose alone. So in Tribes, we do life together!
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Your purpose is discovered in relationship with Christ. So in Tribes, every person’s spiritual growth matters.

We believe it is easier for you to stay connected to your faith with the accountability of trusted family.
We discuss the Word of God and apply it to real life situations, support one another through prayer and share in the Sunday worship experience at All Nations Atlanta.

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As you grow spiritually, so will your desire to live out your purpose to expand the Kingdom of God with the message of the gospel and love of Christ.
Serving as a Tribe leader is a perfect opportunity to cultivate your purpose and develop your leadership skills as you learn to:
– invite and engage other believers,
– facilitate discussions and fellowships and
– disciple members of your group to grow in their own calling and purpose

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Learn more about each Tribe below. 
Have questions about Tribes?
Please reach out to us via email at [email protected].



View our different tribes below!


Cousin’s Vibe is catered to Young Adults, ages 20 – 35. Our objective is to ensure that you are surrounded by a family of believers that encourage each other and build authentic relationships over the Word of God and the vision of our church community. We also do life together, so let we’d love to meet in-person and hang out!

We will meet virtually via zoom every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7:30 pm. 

I AM a daughter first
A safe place for women of all ages to come together to uncover their true purpose in Christ by being liberated by the Fathers love through love, worship, prayer, and support.
Meeting Times: TBA
EmpowerHER Tribe, designed for women of all ages desiring to discover who they truly are in Christ through the Word, prayer and fellowship through the Holy
Spirit and with one another.
Slogan: “I know who God says I am; I am empowered.”
Meeting Times TBD.
Mom Squad Tribe is designed to reignite the fire of God in moms of all ages whether you are a single mom, new mom, future mom, married mom, stepmother, grandmother or a chosen mother.
At times as mothers we get stuck in the space of just being mom. The Mom Squad Tribes mission is to support and ignite the fresh fire of the Holy Spirit that will move us into our God given calling in faith without fear .
Together we will build a squad to create “Mommy Time” and also establish designated play dates together with our children. We will be called a community of free and undefeated women representing God’s Glory.
Join us for Tribe Talk via zoom every 2nd Wednesday at 7:30pm and “Doing Life Together” outings every 3rd Saturdays or Sundays.


Men of all ages coming together to become equipped as the cement to the foundation of our house through the Word of God. We are intentional about uplifting and strengthening our brotherhood.

Health and Wellness Tribe catering to men and women of all ages and spiritual maturity – focusing on spiritual wellness and physical health.
We will share healthy food ideas, meetup to participate in different exciting eatery venues and incorporate physical exercise in our lives together.

Meeting Times: TBA