We are a Church “of” TRIBES – It is the heartbeat of the All Nations vision and our Pastor to find family, discover purpose and change the world. 

When we FIND family, we will absolutely DISCOVER our purpose to CHANGE the world together.

Our motivation is a quote from our Pastor which he stated “When God marks a people – the people impact the city” – Pastor Hart Ramsey.

Check out our Tribes below and read each description. 


We are here to ignite or rekindle the Christ Centered Identity and nurturing ability of women of all ages to reach out with no woman left behind. 

Meeting Day & Time: TBD 2022 


Women of all ages with hearts of worship – our identity is rooted in the love of Abba Father. We declare that as we walk together in the love of Christ Jesus – dignity, strength and confidence shall be our daily portion.

Meeting Time via zoom every First and Third Sunday at 5pm ET.


Men and women of all ages who are “new partners” surrounded by a family of believers that encourages each other and builds authentic relationships over the Word of God and the vision for our church community.

Meeting Time: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:30pm


Women of all ages passionately and intentionally pursuing sisterhood through the development of our bonds by engaging with the word of God, sharing our Fathers love in worship and quality time, and serving our communities with purpose and focus.

Meeting Time: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7:00pm


Men of all ages coming together to become equipped as the cement to the foundation of our house through the Word of God. We are intentional about uplifting and strengthening our brotherhood.

Meeting Time via zoom every Second and Fourth Thursdays at 7pm ET. 


We promote healing and restoration to women of all ages who have experienced abuse, abandonment, and depression. Our aim is to cover these women and provide a safe and healthy environment where they can overcome their experiences.

Meeting Time: via zoom every First and Third Thursday at 7pm ET


Did you know God created us to be creators like Him? Yes, He sure did! Whether you are expressing God’s Word through painting, writing, singing, sewing, spoken word, and etcetera – our sound has the capacity to go throughout a dark world and shed The Light of God’s Word via a multitude of media. If this is a part of your purpose, then I have the tribe for you-The Creatives’ Cove! where Creatives gather, grow, and glow (glorify God) with our unique gifts and talents.

 Meet Time via Zoom every Second and Fourth Thursday @ 7pm ET.